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Why Visiting the Bowers Museum Should Be At The Top Of Your List of Things to do in Orange County



Why Visiting the Bowers Museum Should Be At The Top Of Your List of Things to do in Orange County

If you’re looking for things to do in Orange County and, by extension, a museum to witness different objects or pieces of art from the annals of history to today, then the Bowers Museum is the place to be. It’s so popular that it’s accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. It is quite an accolade to uphold with so much competition out in the nation. Featuring multiple different exhibits to gain the attention of those with diverse interests, you’ll want for nothing when you enter this museum.

California Bounty

If you want to focus on the history of California as well as the beauty that surrounds it, California Bounty is the exhibit for you. It features missions and ranches to the most beautiful gardens in the form of paintings for all to enjoy, focusing primarily on the time period of 1850-1930. At least 138 paintings are featured, and it’s a beautiful sight that has to be witnessed.

Treasures in Gold and Jade

If you’re looking for more of the handcrafted and sculpted art, swing by this particular exhibit. It features 27 carvings made of gold and jade. You’ll see marvelous sculptures from the likes of Wu Ching and Huang Fu Shou, and you’ll marvel at how they have mastered their ability to make valuable material into lifelike works of art.

Gemstone Carvings

Elsewhere in the museum, there are other structures to be marveled at, but in the gemstone category. In particular, you’ll find work crafted by Harold Van Pelt, and you’ll discover his ability to craft a wide variety of different types of gemstones into all kinds of shapes and sizes. You’ll even find carvings of different colors, adding variety to the exhibit. 

Sacred Realms

From Jade and Gold carvings of Chinese culture, you can also appreciate the Japanese paintings of magnificent size created by a monk of the name Shashi Doj Tulachan. Much of his work is in the likeness of traditional Japanese art. His themes focus on Buddha, traditional ideas, and deities that harken back to Japanese mythology. 


If you’re a big fan of art that heavily features silver, look no further than this exhibit. This area has a wide variety of intricate ornaments that can wow the eye. They can be seen as crowns, specific symbols, or accessories that could be wor. The majority of them were made in China.  


You will have no shortage of art and artifacts to appreciate when you step through the museum’s front door. From this, we can see that out of all the things to do in Orange County; this just might be amongst the most memorable. 

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