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The 2021 Wine and Pacific Classic



The 2021 Wine and Pacific Classic

If you are in the Orange County area and in the mood for some of the best combos of food and wine, attend the 2021 Wine and Pacific Classic. This is very much a VIP Orange County event, which means that tickets are going to be difficult to come by. If you happen to come upon one or two of these tickets, a leveled experience is guaranteed, as the finest cuisine will be readily available to you. 

What To Expect

What you’ll come to enjoy at the 2021 Wine and Pacific Classic is some of the best food and wine crafted by some of the most elite chefs and winemakers in the area, filled with flavor that will make you believe that you’re immersed in opulent luxury. The quality of the food and drink will make you want to have this trip as an annual tradition. 


You’ll have the finest caviar and oysters to taste if you make your way to the Caviar Co. section during the festival. If you’re looking perhaps for something a bit more hearty and meaty, the WAVE Gourmet Burgers will have the best burgers for you to enjoy. They even have veggie burgers or sliders in case you’re watching your calories.


At an event like this, no meal is going to be complete without the taste of some wine. Swing on to the many selections of wine that will be available to you, like the rose wine presented by Benziger Family Winery or perhaps the Pinot Noir from Imagery Winery. The sheer amount of different wines that will be made available to you is nothing short of astounding and should be taken advantage of.

Important Info

It should be noted that anyone under the age of 21 will not be permitted due to wine being a major focal point of the event. Fees for food and drink are not included since it is added in your ticket. Once you arrive, rest assured that whatever you try, you will no doubt be getting your money’s worth. If you’re still skeptical, keep in mind that this is an event that has won multiple awards, including the 2020 best food and wine festival in America by USA Today, as well as achieving similar accolades by other associations. 


With the best wine and food the event will give you, you should take the chance to experience it if you can get a ticket for yourself and/or your loved ones. Out of the many Orange County events this year, you’ll clearly enjoy the generous bounty this event offers.

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