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Things To Do In Orange County: Stop By Frontierland To Have Wild West Styled Time!



Things To Do In Orange County: Stop By Frontierland To Have Wild West Styled Time!

It’s no secret that Disneyland has a large selection of different rides and attractions that you can choose from. Some might say even too many as it can leave you a bit lost as to what you want to do when you have the chance. To assist those who are interested in going to this magical land, let’s look specifically at the old-styled pioneering Frontierland to narrow things down for you.

Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. You can’t think of Frontierland without thinking of this premier ride in Disneyland. Easily one of the best amusement park rides, what this has to offer is a bumpy yet fast and exciting ride that will get your blood pumping for sure. It is filled with rocky formations and barren artificial lands with twists and turns that will keep you on your toes and can easily be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Sailing Ship Columbia 

Based on the original Columbia that sailed worldwide, this particular ship in Frontierland, standing at 110 ft. in length, sail around a good portion of Disneyland itself. One of the landmarks that you would be sailing around, in fact, is none other than another attraction in Frontierland in the form of the Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer’s island. It’s truly a breathtaking and remarkable sail, and it would be a shame to pass it up since it offers so many other views.

The Cuisine

If you want a quick break from all of the riding and sailing, stop by some of the highly-rated restaurants within Frontierland. If you’re in the mood for some Hispanic foods, then Rancho Del Zoccalo is the place for you with its bean and cheese burritos as well as chicken tacos. If you want an alternative, look no further than the golden horseshoe, which could reopen soon with its savory western food and stylish desserts. Tasting Cookie and Cream crumbles with flavorful chicken wings that have quite a kick to them will really make your day. 


If you’re looking for western-styled props, accessories, or just stand-out items, you’ll find plenty of options in Frontierland. You would want to visit the Westward Ho Trading Companies and Pioneer Mercantile. If you want pins and lanyards that fit with the theme, check out the former. If you’re looking for actual clothes that fit with the area’s theme, then seek out the latter. 


Frontierland will offer you a great slice of old western flair for you to enjoy. Out of the many things to do in Orange County, visiting this particular section of Disneyland should definitely be high up on your list if you want to have a good old wild time. After all, what is listed above is only a fraction of what is available to you in this land. 

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