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Relive the Prehistoric Time at This Event in Orange County

Experience Up Close and Personal the Realistic Life of a Dinosaur That Walked the Earth a Million Years Ago at This Event in Orange County


Relive the Prehistoric Time at This Event in Orange County

How awesome would it be to see a dinosaur? Well, Jurassic Quest in Costa Mesa is one of the most realistic dinosaur events in Orange County taking place throughout February and March that allows children to relive and see the astonishing creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago. 

Throughout the event, guests will trek through the Mesozoic, Jurassic, and Triassic periods and experience what it was like to live and walk among all types of dinosaurs. Jurassic Quest serves as the only interactive event that contains and presents over 100 lifelike animatronic dinosaurs. 

In order to deliver such a realistic experience, each dinosaur at Jurassic Quest was carefully replicated to look as real as the dinosaurs that walked the earth millions of years ago. Whether the prehistoric animal had scaly skin, fur, or feathers, the dinosaurs you will see during your quest had no expense in bringing them to life. 

While Covid-19 continues to enforce rules to keep everyone safe. The Jurassic Quest event has implemented a way to allow guests to still soak in all the fun of viewing and interacting with dinosaurs. This year the exhibit will be a drive-thru. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help solve some of your questions about the event. 

What does the JQ ticket guarantee?

A: The JQ Ticket is an option that guarantees that if your event is canceled for any reason, you will be automatically refunded to the credit card that you used during the original purchase. Keep in mind however that the guaranteed ticket only applies to show cancellations and does not cover any other reasons why you might not be able to attend or requests to change the date or time of your visit. 

Is this event drive-thru safe? 

A: In accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines all safety guidelines will be followed and guarantees a noncontact experience. In the safety of your one vehicle, all family members will experience a daf and contact-free journey through the prehistoric exhibit. 

How can I purchase tickets? 

A: Drive-Thru admission tickets are to be completed online. The site accepts American Express, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover credit cards. After the purchase, your tickets will be emailed to the email address you entered at checkout. Upon your arrival at the event, you must present your tickets to the crew via your phone or tablet. You don’t need to print a paper copy. 

How long is the experience? 

A: ‍The entire experience lasts about an hour. 

How do I access the audio for the audio tour?

A: Before your assigned time slot, a link will be texted to the number you provide when you purchase the tickets. The audio tour will play through your phone speaker and through the speakers of your vehicle if your phone is connected. 

Will there be restrooms available to stop at during the experience? 

A: Yes, restrooms can be accessed during the experience, however, due to traffic and social distancing guidelines, face marks are to be worn the entire time while you are outside of your vehicle. 

While the Jurassic Quest experience is a little different this year the drive-thru version features close to 100  life-like dinosaurs including the popular T. Rex, Triceratops, and Spinosaurus. The animatronic dinos on display offer children of all ages and adults to experience the roaring and moving life of a dinosaur from their own car as they drive through the prehistoric maze. 

To keep the entire experience safe, guests will remain in their cars and will be guided by staff who are wearing masks, social distancing, and following all state and local guidelines regarding public safety and health. To further ensure the safety of patrons and staff, all workstations and equipment undergo continuous sanitization throughout the duration of the experience. At the end of the experience, every guest will receive a free, safari-inspired family photo in their vehicle against a dinosaur backdrop as a keepsake of their experience in the prehistoric ages. 

Jurassic Quest continues to bring dinosaur life back to children who can experience what it was like living among dinosaurs of all kinds millions of years ago. This event in Orange County not only provides a safe way to experience something new but also an experience like no other. Go experience the up close and realistic lifestyle of dinosaurs who walked the earth millions of years ago! 

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