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Six Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bees Naturally


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Six Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bees Naturally

We are well aware of the benefits of bees for the planet, but having said that, having bees in our home seems dangerous to most. So, how can we get rid of these stinging bees and their hive without using toxins?

Today we will discuss:

  • How to remove bees in Orange County without killing them
  • Why you should remove bees from your home
  • What are the six ways to get rid of bees naturally

Now it’s time to learn how to get rid of bees so you can relax in your yard and in your home without having to worry about being stung.

Bees are important

Usually, when we think of bees, the first thought that comes into our minds is that they sting.  We know that bee stings hurt not only us but bees themselves: they die after they sting! But don’t forget that bees are vital to our planet too. Therefore it is important to take care of them.

Bees are the primary source of food for us and other mammals. Yes, there are other pollination methods, but bees are responsible for one-sixth of the pollination that occurs, and they pollinate many types of agricultural plants (i.e., our food).

Pollination is an incredibly natural way to maintain our food production system. We have heard of the heart-breaking stories of food shortages, and people starving. If the number of bees decreases, it will be hard to have a sustainable food chain. 

Do we need bees? Definitely, yes. But sometimes we need bee removal in Orange County and everywhere else where they prove to be dangerous for humans.  

Why get rid of bees

Bee Allergies: Some people are so sensitive to bees that they may die from a simple bee sting. If someone is allergic to bees in your house, it’s essential to do everything possible to ensure that there are no bees in or around your home. 

Bee Stings: If there are beehives near your home, the chance of you and your family being stung by a bee will increase significantly. Make sure you remove them to minimize the chance of being stung. 

Aggressive bees: When bees are aggressive, things can get very ugly, and in the worst case they will attack. The major reasons for them to become more aggressive include fewer pollinating flowers in that specific area, hot weather, and a sense of self-protection. Finding ways to avoid bee aggression will help you learn the best possible ways to get rid of them.

How to get rid of bees using budget home remedies

There are several ways to get rid of bees naturally. Some methods are environmentally friendly, but they can kill bees, while others are safe both for bees and the environment. 

Here are six ways to get rid of bees.

Call a beekeeper: In case beekeepers are available near you, this is a fantastic first choice. Beekeepers are professionals who work with bees. They will take care of the bees and ensure the safety of the beehive and the bees. For that reason, bee removal in Orange County can be the most humane way to rid yourself of a hive.

Soda: Bees like sweet liquids. This method involves cutting a soda bottle that is half-filled and placing it where you notice a lot of bees. Bees will be attracted to the mixer and drink it. Note that this method is environmentally friendly, but it kills the bees because they end up submerged in soda water.

Vinegar Spray Solution: This is one of the easiest, less costly, and more natural methods to get rid of bees. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, shake and mix. Spray it on the nest while the bees are sleeping at night, and around plants where you often see a lot of bees. This mixture kills bees, so make sure you clear all dead bees.

Cinnamon: If you find a hive and want bees to migrate without killing them, consider dusting cinnamon around their hive daily for about a week. The smell will make the bees look for a place to relocate.

Anti-bee plants: An excellent way to keep bees out of the house without having to remove or kill them is to plant anti-bee plants near your home. Having these plants near your home should stop bees from stopping. Lemongrass, mint, and eucalyptus plants are bee-repelling plants and are easy to grow.

When to call a professional

In some cases, even if you are willing to get rid of the bees yourself, sometimes calling an expert will be your best choice. Bees can nest in tricky locations such as the ground, siding of houses, and other hard-to-reach areas. This is how professionals make a living, so make the most of their expertise.

Finding a way to protect your family and bees is a top priority for environmental pest management. Do you want to learn more about bee removal in Orange County? Please contact a bee removal expert near you.

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