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Taking a Trip to Newport Beach Can Definitely Be One of the Best Things To Do in Orange County



Taking a Trip to Newport Beach Can Definitely Be One of the Best Things To Do in Orange County

If you’re ever in SoCal and looking for things to do in Orange County, then you should definitely pay a visit to the city of Newport Beach. You’re going to have an absolute blast with the plethora of activities that it has to offer you that you could make a long list about and will occupy your time. Let’s take a look at a few of these things that you can do to make your trip to such a city worth your while.

Spa at Pelican Hill

When you arrive in Orange County after a long trip, there’s a good chance that your body is all wound up and utterly exhausted after traveling. With that being said, you should definitely take advantage of the Spa at Pelican Hill. When you arrive, you have the option of using the saunas or get massages, facials, and even saltwater soaking tubs to get your body relaxed and rejuvenated. If you’re in the mood to get your body treated exceptionally well, make a detour here ASAP.

Crystal Cove State Park

Let’s say you’re looking for an entirely different way to unwind, like going to the local beach. However, not any beach will do, and so with that in mind, you’ll want to go to Crystal Cove State Park. What makes this location stand out from others so much is that it not only has a great deal of wilderness behind the beachline to explore but that it features some of the gorgeous ocean lines, sea cliffs as well as tide pools to gaze upon when you have the chance to do so. You can even camp nearby so that you can further immerse yourself in its beauty.

Orange County Museum of Art

If you appreciate art much like how you appreciate the natural beauty of Crystal Cove State Park, you might enjoy the art available at the Orange County Museum of Art. Here you will find some of the best art that you can look for in the Orange County area, bearing witness to art such as Blind Pig, A Tale of Two Cities, and so much more. There’s no shortage of art for you to see, much like how there is no shortage of the types of art that you can watch, so come by to see for yourself just what this place has to offer. 


These are just a few of the things that you can do if you decide to pay a visit to Newport Beach. Visiting such a city could give you one of the most fun things to do in Orange County, without a doubt. 

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