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The Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade



The Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

If you’re someone who can appreciate creativity, particularly when it comes to aquatic items, you will love the Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. This parade features some of the most refined customized boats and ships that are perfectly fit to look the part of the Christmas season. From December 15th-19th, this Orange County event will allow you to witness over 250 boats on display for everyone to see, absolutely for free. Resembling an aquatic parade, those with a boat and the supplies necessary to properly decorate them will have a blast that can only be experienced once a year. 

How To Enter

If you have the proper tools to join in this parade, you can quickly do so by registering online. However, before you do any of that, you need to ensure that you have a proper sea-worthy vessel that can qualify for the parade! Thankfully, there are several different vessels that you can choose from to be a part of the event. You can use boats, yachts, kayaks, and canoes. As you can see, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your economic standing. So long as your work is creative enough, you have as good a chance to enter the parade as anyone. 

The Route

The beginning and end of this aquatic parade will occur at the pointed tip of the Lido Isle within Newport Harbor. You should also note that people who visit this parade won’t have to enjoy the vessels used, but the area they will be traveling. These areas include Marina Park, an aquatic-themed playground, a viewing center to watch the ships, and a picnic area. There’s even a Dine & Watch Waterfront where you and your family can not only have a nice, warm and hearty meal but also have a nice view to continue watching the ships and boats.

Ring of Lights

Besides catering to ships, this event features the Ring of Lights Orange County event, featured in tandem with the Boat Parade. The Ring of Lights will focus primarily on properties and houses near the water itself, such as waterfront houses, yacht clubs, restaurants, and other businesses that can best decorate their properties to fit the holiday season. So long as any of these properties are near the Newport Beach Harbor, you’re eligible so long as you put in the effort. If you come out as the undisputed winner of this contest, you’ll even be featured in a live broadcast, which can do wonders for you if you’re a local business in the area. This event is even more compelling because it’s straightforward to enter with only a $35 fee and an online application.

Interesting Facts

  • This parade has been going on for 113 years, which technically makes it the longest-running event in the entire county.
  • Some caterers can help you provide food with your boat if you look on
  • There isn’t just one award that people can win when it comes to the parade. Contestants can win many awards, such as the most humorously decorated to even the best theme presentation.


The Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is one of those events in Orange County where you can find incredible fun in many different ways, whether you’re entering a boat to the competition or just witnessing the action while eating some grub. You’re doubtlessly going to be having a great time with this long-standing tradition in Newport so take care to enjoy yourself with everyone else who comes along!

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