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The Best Breakfast Spots in Orange County



The Best Breakfast Spots in Orange County

In this modern era, no one has time to share breakfast with family and friends. Most of us (most days) spend it alone, and having the opportunity to start our day and share breakfast with the people we care about the most, is a good start. 

Here are the top 18 breakfast spots in Orange County:

Haute Cakes Caffe

Haute Cakes Caffe is a great holiday destination. Set in a quiet retail plaza in Newport, this quaint café has a beautiful lush green courtyard.

For breakfast and lunch only, the menu offers classic specialties. If you haven’t tried the short stack of their signature orange Ricotta Premium Cake, it’s time you should.

SOCIAL Costa Mesa

Grab your best shots and let your taste buds socialize in one of Mesa’s best weekend brunch joints.

Their weekend brunch menu is mouthwatering, with the front stand of Wagyu steak and eggs, or they use classic breakfast burritos including bacon, avocado, coriander cream, and green sauce. 

Snooze, an A.M Eatery

Snooze is a combination of breakfast, first date, boozy brunchers and the audience at the morning party.

The menu is very wide, so the time you wait at the next table can be spent efficiently.

Bosscat Kitchen Libations

If you don’t know yet, Bosscat is a paradise for boozing. Every weekend, you can expect a vibrant person to be energized in their brunch, cheering up with the usual resident DJs; so be sure to bring your best friend.

Ramos House

In one of the oldest streets in California, you’ll find the restaurant (and home) of Chef John Q. Humphreys.

Chef Q’s menu offers some old Southern talents, with menus offering fresh and unique items such as Scottish quail eggs, Sorta steaks and eggs, and even squaw bread recipes dating back to the 19th century!


It is the most reliable Mexican breakfast you can find in OC! They use traditional Mexican ingredients and French flavors. However, for Mexicans’ views of French classics, try the exquisite guava French toast!

Eat chow

Start your breakfast with an eye-opening Intelligentia coffee or four mimosa mimosas, then have breakfast on chilaquiles, full of bold, smoked, crunchy!

Balboa Lily’s 

Balboa Lily’s is the most popular café on the peninsula with a large open-air courtyard by the beach. The most popular Nick’s House Sandwich features slow-baked pork, a masterpiece, and Morning Fries is the guiding light for good times.


If the food is dressed in bohemian style and tells you to drink more water, its name is grateful. 

Visiting this place is one of the things to do in Orange County that you’ll enjoy if you are vegan. This is a 100% vegetarian restaurant working hard to promote a plant-based alternative that is both beautiful and delicious.

XA Sweet and Savory Café

Don’t look for the next breakfast spot! The XA Sweet and Savory Café offers delicious healthy foods to suit all dietary preferences: ancient, ketone, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Some popular items include creating your breakfast and making the perfect brioche French toast. You can also find a variety of drinks, including coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Coyote Grill

Coyote Grill, celebrated 30th this year, is a family-run block classic in South Laguna with picturesque views of the coast.

Their famous Calamari Tacos is worth a visit, but you must stay till the sunset.

Cafe Cultura 

Formerly the Cafe Calacas, this small café in downtown Santa Ana still offers the same high-quality food and beverages that you know and love.

Just want to get those sweet solutions? Then it’s one of the things to do in Orange County, its Horchata or Abuelita Mexi Frapps is just the cool boost you need to get through the hot summer days.

Early Birds

Early birds are truly unique. Although it may not be a lot from the outside, the inside is the next level. 

Early birds provide meals for the hungriest men (or women) around. Omelet and light meals will make you full of hope, and you will be full but will give us any special waffles every week. 

Rooster Cafe

This small, practical restaurant is exactly what doctors demand! The hotel offers a simple menu that serves quality breakfast, lunch or dinner throughout the day and you won’t have a hard time choosing.

Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar

Breakfast at this Old Town Orange gastropub is only available on Sundays but offers a unique selection that will be hard to find elsewhere. Don’t be a chicken and ducks on Duck Confit Chilaquiles and Chicken Liver Toast – that’s great!


This local favorite is a hidden gem throughout! While the Australian style battle is a stable favorite, be sure to try their internal smoked salmon! If you like adventure, try The Mongrel; every day there are changing chef features!


Eggslice is probably the only truly hidden gem on this list, a must-do thing to do in orange county, as it is only open from 7 am to 11 am Wednesday to Saturday and from 8 am to 11 am on Sunday. You must be an early riser to experience this whimsical classic breakfast sandwich.

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