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Things to Do in Orange County to Celebrate the Spring



Things to Do in Orange County to Celebrate the Spring

This year, Spring will be rolling in on March 20th. As the daylight hours extend and temperatures rise, many families will be looking for more things to do in Orange County. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and get children to burn off their energy. Experts in growth and development say that many children are active learners, which means that they learn by doing. If you are looking for fun and educational things to do in Orange County with your kids, then we’ve got some great recommendations for you! Here are some of the best family-friendly activities for the springtime:


What’s more springlike than gardening? If you want to celebrate the beautiful weather with your kids, then step outside and plant some flowers! Gardening activities are great for teaching children how to be responsible and care for a living thing. You might even consider having them care for a plant before you get them that puppy they’ve been asking for! Plus, gardening is a great opportunity to teach your kids about photosynthesis and other scientific processes that guide plant life. Consider planting some vegetable and fruit plants so that you can show kids where food comes from! It’ll be a great reward to harvest some of your produce with your kids. 

Have a Picnic

If you’re tired of being indoors, then plan a fun picnic with your kids! Go to the beach, park, or set up a nice picnic spot in your backyard. Bring lots of yummy, healthy snacks for the kids to enjoy when they’re taking breaks from playing. Cut-up apples dipped in peanut butter, string cheese, fruit salads, and vegetables with ranch are great snacks. You can also bring some sandwiches for an easy and delicious meal. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your kids and bring lots of water to hydrate them.

Go to a Drive-In

When the sun goes down, you might feel like you have to take the kids home. But, in fact, you can keep the springtime fun going! Drive-in movies are great during the spring because it’s not too cold outside. Find a kid-friendly movie and bring your own popcorn, candy, and drinks! Your kids will get a kick out of watching a movie from the car. Plus, they may even appreciate the chance to stay up past their normal bedtime. 

Nature Walk

If you’re not a fan of gardening or don’t have a huge backyard, then you can always take your kids to a nature reserve or botanical garden to enjoy the great outdoors. Try to find a place with educational signs that describe certain plants, trees, flowers, and animals. Some kids may enjoy a more rugged hike while others would rather stick to a flat, dirt trail. Consider your child’s age, personality, and experience with nature before choosing a loop. You can always start with a more beginner trail and work your way up if it’s too easy for your child. 

Sidewalk Art

Does your child love to draw, paint, or color? Then, take their creativity outside with sidewalk art! On warmer days, you can supply some kid-friendly chalk or sidewalk paint so that they can decorate your family’s driveway and sidewalk. Enjoy the springtime weather and encourage your children’s imaginations. If they don’t know what to draw, then give them some ideas. Tell them to draw their dreams or make a family portrait. You can also show them how to draw a hopscotch board and teach them how to play! Take pictures of their masterpieces so that, if it rains or the sprinklers wash the chalk away, they have something to remember the day by. 

Need more ideas for spring activities? Here are some other ways you can enjoy the weather with your kids: 

  • Camping
  • Water balloon fight
  • Bubbles
  • Star-gazing

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