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Things to Do in Orange County: Visiting Tom’s Farm!



Things to Do in Orange County: Visiting Tom’s Farm!

Going to the grocery store can feel boring and mundane at times. Tom’s Farms in Riverside County, however, can help you beat the boredom with its large selection of food and family-friendly attractions that everyone can enjoy!


Founded in 1971, Tom’s Farms began through humble beginnings, especially compared to other locations with similar goals and services. Although the farm initially aimed to sell fresh produce to the local area, the business eventually expanded into the establishment that it is now. Complete with things like restaurants serving all-American, feel-good foods; a variety of attractions, including rides and farm animals; and fun, niche shops unique to the area, Tom’s Farms was able to distinguish itself from the other local markets they were once similar to. 


You can find many great restaurants that have popped up throughout the years since the inception of Tom’s Farms in 1971. Even though Tom’s Farms began with an original burger stand that still exists today, you can also enjoy food at other equally niche places, such as Patio Pizza, Wine & Cheese Shop, and Dorry’s Bar-and-Grill. If you are looking to shop around to bring something from Tom’s Farms to the home, find your way to the Farmers Market, Candy Shoppe, or Furniture Store! 


There are many attractions you can find at Tom’s Farms, including interactive experiences with farm animals! For instance, the pony ride at Tom’s Farms can be a great way to figure out if riding horses is your speed. If not, you and your family can also see the farm animals up close with a large community of creatures to choose from, such as rabbits, goats, and chickens!


The fun doesn’t end there with the animals. Tom’s Farms has a plethora of other things to do and attractions that you and your family can enjoy, such as live weekend concerts, shooting galleries, magic shows, and mining activities where you and kids can uncover gems and minerals. On top of that, other ride attractions where you and your family can all enjoy include the Bounce House, Drop Tower, Old Time Carousel, and Train Ride!


Tom’s Farms’ humble beginnings can tell us a lot about the nature of the establishment. Even though the company has now expanded into a fun, local amusement park for those residing in the Riverside area, the business still stays true to its roots, with genuine people, customers, and smiles. 

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