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Ways To Keep Your Car Cool With Tustin Toyota Service



Ways To Keep Your Car Cool With Tustin Toyota Service

It can get pretty hot here in Southern California, while warm days are nice it can be hard to get into your car when it’s been sitting in the sun all day. The good news is that there are ways to cool down your vehicle before you get inside. 

Find a shady spot to park

This may be difficult because a lot of people are looking to park in the shade. But, if you can find some shade to park in even if that means parking further away from where you are headed to you’ll thank yourself later! 

Cover the windows 

A windshield shade with a reflective surface is a good start, but how about all the other windows? It may be difficult covering the side windows, you should use as many sunshades as possible to limit the amount of sun that can enter through. 

Cover the other stuff 

It’s never fun touching an extremely hot steering wheel. It’s not only dangerous, but you have to wait until it cools down before you can even start driving. To avoid this, keep a small towel in your car and put it over the wheel before you leave your car. You can also consider using larger towels or a sheet to keep the other stuff you need to touch-shift knob, dashboard, etc- covered. 

Get the hot air out quicker 

Hot air rises but you can help get it out faster by opening up all of the windows. Then, close the upper vents and turn the fan all the way up. The bottom vents are open so that will push the hot air up and out. 

Leave your car doors open before getting in 

Before getting into your hot car, leave the doors open for a couple of minutes. This can help the hot air exit and the cool air enter. 

Of course, above all this, you need to make sure your AC is working properly. Come visit us at Tustin Toyota service for a checkup today. 

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