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Why Visit Adventure City in Orange County?



Why Visit Adventure City in Orange County?

Choosing Adventure City

If your visiting Orange County and have had your fill of activities as an adult, it’s only natural for you to consider what fun can be had for your children. The obvious choice could be Disneyland, but perhaps you’ve gone there so many times or it’s a tad bit out of your price range. If you want to go to a place that kids would love and is much more accessible to you, there’s an alternative you might not initially consider: Adventure City. One of the most entertaining places in So Cal leaving you with a number of things to do in Orange County.

Fun for the family

Adventure city is the perfect place to take the kids, especially when you see just how many attractions are catered towards them as a whole! With affordable family fun being one of their big talking points, you’ll have plenty of time and funds to go on rides such as the rescue ride, the freeway coaster, the crazy bus, and even the express train. There’s a great deal of these rides throughout the park with each of them bringing something new and unique for the children to enjoy!

Fun with climbing, trains, and animals

You’ll even have other more interactive activities for them to be a part of such as rock climbing, to creating new train layouts at the Thomas the tank engine creative play. There’s even a small petting zoo for them to be a part of where they can of course pet and even feed some adorable animals that are safe to be up close and personal with. A few examples of the animals they can play with include sheep, chickens, goats, and pigs. If that isn’t enough then you can even have fun at the arcade where there are a plethora of games to choose from and win tickets from. Tickets that can be used to get prizes nearby.

Stage 39

The fun doesn’t end there, however. The party can continue onward through the many different events and activities that can happen through Stage 39. Besides leaving you giving fun activities and things to do in Orange County It’s here that live performances and other showing occur for all in attendance to see. You can have a blast in the “Dancing through the Decades” show, interact with the officers who will teach you the finer points of staying safe, or just generally dance and/or sing along with whatever music is going on at the time.  

Escaping Heat

But, if the day has been a particularly hot one with the sun pouring down upon you and your sweat covering the back of your shirt, then the uptown cooldown is where to be. With a foggy mist that permeates an entire area, you’ll be cooled off in no time with an area like this shielding you from the heat of the sun. 

Pricing and Conclusion

The best part of this however is the pricing, which can lead to you getting some great value for the tickets that you can purchase! A trip without rock climbing or arcades for example will only cost you $24.95 per person for anyone below the age of 54, and it costing $19.95 for anyone above that age limit. Needless to say, you will get your money’s worth whenever you arrive intending some fun for the family.

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