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Why You Need To Consult An Industrial Design Company


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Why You Need To Consult An Industrial Design Company

What do industrial design companies know about things like marketing and promotional efforts? They’re supposed to be more concerned with the nuts and bolts of product creation, right?


Well, yes and no. It’s true that if you hire an industrial design company, then the primary reason for doing so might be because you want them to create a working prototype for your new product. You might want them to come up with the most efficient way to mass-produce it, or you may want them to focus on the shipping and distribution aspect of the rollout.


As it turns out, though, an industrial design company can teach you a lot about marketing and advertising as well. That’s because they’ve worked with other companies for other product launches, and they’ve seen resounding successes and embarrassing failures. We talked to one such industrial design company, and they told us that this is the worst mistake that a business can make when they’re rolling out a new product.


Failure to Understand Your Customers


When you come up with the idea for a new service or product, you operate under the assumption that it’s going to fulfill a need that a customer has. In some cases, that need is not going to be as great as you thought, and your product might not sell for that reason.


In other situations, though, the need might be there, but the product of which you conceive might not prove to be the answer for which your customers are looking. What is the solution, and how can mistakes be avoided when you’re getting ready to throw a lot of money behind a product idea?


According to more than one industrial design company, the better you understand your customers, the more likely that you’re going to be able to come up with a product that perfectly solves their problems. For instance, let’s say that you’re trying to come up with a model for a new children’s stroller. You conduct several focus groups with new mothers, and you ask them what their biggest concerns are regarding the designs of the strollers that are on the market.


They might tell you that safety is a concern, in which case you may wish to reinforce the interior of the stroller that you plan on offering with sturdier materials. If they’re worried about their children being subjected to extreme temperatures, then you might add a holder for a sippy cup to the side of the stroller, and a heavy-duty retractable covering that can deflect the sun’s rays.


The point is that the better you understand your demographic beforehand, the less likely your product is to misfire. If you fail to identify the main problems and concerns that your likely customers have, then it’s less probable that your products are going be successful.


Talk to an industrial design company, and they should be able to help you conduct the focus groups you need. Then together you can come up with a line of products that are going to make an impact in the way that you hoped.

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