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Orange County Events For The Winter: The Winter Fest OC!



Orange County Events For The Winter: The Winter Fest OC!

Though winter may be a while off, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for any Orange County events that could be happening around such a season. There is one in particular that you simply cannot pass up-The Winter Fest OC! It has a multitude of sights, activities, and much more that you can partake in to really get into the holiday festivities.

Here are a few examples of what makes this event stand out.

Visiting Socal Dickens

If you’ve ever wanted to stroll through a Victorian-themed winter area that will feature shops, Old English food, games, and other activities, then this is the place to be. You’ll even have access to some of the highest quality tea that you can find, including The Queen’s tea and the princess tea, along with a host of different desserts such as tea sandwiches and scones. This area has a little bit of everything and should definitely be visited at your leisure when you have the time.

Alpine Village

Alpine Village has you covered if you are on the lookout for some fun that your children can enjoy. It’s an excellent area for the kids to busy themselves in, featuring areas that have inflatable playhouses and play zones that include areas where you can build snowmen. Plus, if you’re in the mood for a gorgeous view, you can also see the nearby Festival of Lights, which boasts over two million bulbs displayed in a wide and expansive area for you to witness and fits the holiday theme to T. 

Meeting the Cast

Once you’ve had your fill of these activities, you can take the time to meet and greet the many different characters that truly make this festival stand out, such as Peppa Pig, the Paw Patrol, and even the toy soldiers. But of course, no Christmas-themed festival is ever going to feel complete without the presence of St. Nick himself. He will come in on his sleigh, and you can take pictures with Santa for the family memories. 

Engaging Activities

You also will have the option to either display your fabulous skating skills through the outdoor ice rink or at the very least learn the ropes on how to properly not fall on your rump when having fun with friends and family. You can even have fun with a nearby set of life-sized and miniature-sized trains. Locomotives are so popular around this time of year. There is an entire section for it during the festival. 


When considering any Orange County events to partake in during the winter, you’re going to find it difficult to find any that will top the Winter Fest OC. Whether it be trying English delicacies to skating and meeting Santa, the family is no doubt going to be having a blast at this festival one way or another.

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