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The Orange International Street Fair



The Orange International Street Fair

If you’re looking for any Orange County events that will happen this September, it would be wise to note the Orange International Street Fair at Villa Park. This is a festival that offers a little bit of everything for those who have varying tastes, whether it comes to food, music, activities, you name it. The fair most likely offers multiple flavors that you might not even consider. Let’s take a look at what makes this particular festival stand out and why it should be near the top of your consideration.


The street fair has its roots back in 1973 as the City of Orange wracked its brain for a way it could commemorate the 100th year of existence. The festival was such a hit that it overtook and ultimately replaced the Orange May festival, especially since the first opening drew in 50,000 to justify it being a yearly tradition.

Food Booths

As mentioned before, there will be various foods for you to try and that was no exaggeration for this festival. There will be different types of food representing different cultures and nationalities, ranging from German, Irish, Japanese, Switzerland, and Polynesian, offering culturally diverse foods such as egg rolls, pulled pork, mini doughnuts, and bratwurst. 

Arts & Crafts

It is also at this festival where many can try their hand at displaying and selling their own homemade art and see just how successful or beautiful it can be in the view of their fellow compatriots. You’ll have no shortage of different types of items to peruse through, including but not limited to jewelry, clothes, woodcraft, paintings, and other accessories that could wow you if you give these artists a chance. 

Other Booths and Businesses. 

Besides the setup stalls mentioned, you can also access stalls set up by organizations or groups like Children’s street, which, as the name implies, is a section of the festival that caters solely to kids. It’s there that kids will find plenty of ways to occupy their time through bouncy houses, and various games where they can win prizes. Just keep in mind that since this is for kids, alcohol on this street is strictly prohibited. 


This is a festival that can be spent and enjoyed with friends and family, especially since different vendors and stalls will be available for those who will attend. It has a little bit of everything, especially for the children, so if you find yourself looking for some Orange County events to occupy your time, then this is without a doubt the festival for you.

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