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Put Beyond Van Gogh At Your Highest Priority Among Orange County Events This Summer



Put Beyond Van Gogh At Your Highest Priority Among Orange County Events This Summer


When it comes to art, Orange County has a great deal to offer to those that happen to find themselves in the area. The county has a plethora of different museums, gatherings, shows, and festivals that display the art that many people have created throughout the years. In one particular case, an upcoming event is coming up to display the renowned artist Van Gogh and his work for all to witness while using state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology to see the best of what he created throughout the years. Such features can make this Beyond Van Gogh exhibit an Orange County Event that is worth remembering.

What Is At The Event?

The event will function using primarily projections to display not just the work that Van Gogh himself has created. It will also feature a narration using Van Gogh’s notes to describe the art and the process of creating them and what it means to him personally. As the event progresses, the projections will morph and flow much like the style of his art. The colors, lighting, and imagery will change shape and change itself into other pieces of his art that can be viewed and appreciated by all those in attendance.

What You Can Witness

You will find yourself in rooms where the art will change or move depending on the area that you are in or the specific art that is in that room in the first place. It helps that these rooms are often vast and allow people to have at least six feet of distance for social distancing. The gallery will feature over 300 works of Van Gogh’s art, including Sunflowers and The Starry Night. You’ll have more than your fill of art once your entire experience of the event has reached its conclusion.

Covid Safety

As far as covid safety protocols are concerned, you will not have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated. Covid protocols will be enforced without shutting down the event since all areas are sanitized and wiped daily to minimize risk as much as possible. On top of having Hand sanitizing stations for anyone to use to keep their hands clean, there will also be timed ticket sales and admissions to reduce the chance of people coming in close contact with one another. 

Other Important Info

Unlike other art shows, you will be permitted to take pictures and photos at the event, but you will still be prohibited from recording any footage or videos at the location. Parking for the event can be found at the Anaheim Convention Center for $20, with ticket sales and transactions for the most part being handled digitally. Also, remember that tickets are non-refundable, and if you show up late to the allotted time, entry may not be guaranteed.


For anyone who appreciates Van Gogh’s art, this will be one of the biggest treats out of the many orange county events that you can appreciate over the summer and should definitely be enjoyed now since he did not receive such appreciation when he was alive. His style of art is now being presented in a way that the artist most likely couldn’t even conceive, and that should be enjoyed to its fullest extent.

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