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Why You Should Attend Orange County Events Like The Sawdust Festival



Why You Should Attend Orange County Events Like The Sawdust Festival


Do you want to take part in a festival where you can enjoy art at a historic location and learn how to make different forms of art yourself? In this case, you’re definitely going to want to pay a visit to the Sawdust Festival and enjoy one of the best Orange County events this summer. It’s a festival enriched in history as much as it is in art that can wow and amaze those who want to be a part of this treasured history. 

The Art

Over 200 artists will be participating in the event, giving you a glimpse into the creative minds of the participants. What’s even better is that you will see various forms of art being made by each of these artists, like Tom Belloni with his painting and sculpting skills or Beau Donnan with his jewelry crafting techniques that can wow the eyes. 

The Music

Music will also become a great feature. The participating artists will be performing in multiple sections of the festival ground, such as the grill, tavern, or main deck. You’ll have the chance to hear from musical artists such as World Anthem, Party Foul, and Bobby Gray throughout the festival. Plus, keep in mind this festival starts in July and ends in September, so that’s a lot of music to go through.

The Lessons

You will also have the chance to learn how to craft some art of your own through some impromptu art classes. You can work at the ceramic center, where you can learn how to craft ceramics and become a professional. You could alternatively go to Studio One, which gives you mixed media and painting classes to hone your artistic skills. Even the Children’s Art Spot heavily features lessons for those from 2 to 12 so that kids have a chance to accomplish art at their given skill level.

The Food

You will also have a large selection of food stands to choose from to sate your hunger or quench your thirst. You should definitely pay a visit to Evan’s Gourmet if you want high-quality meals with fine salads or the Sawdust Saloon if you want some high-quality drinks on a hot summer day. You’re going to have many options before you, much like how the artists have options through how they craft their art, so don’t be afraid of tasting a bit of everything. 


The Sawdust Festival is more than just a congregation of artists. It’s a festival where people from different walks of life can come together and have a wonderful experience not just seeing and listening to art, but also creating something of their own and having a great time all the while. Among the many Orange County events, this is one of the most decorated and historical.

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