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The Pageant Of The Masters Is Among The Best Orange County Events You Can Watch This Summer



The Pageant Of The Masters Is Among The Best Orange County Events You Can Watch This Summer


Are you looking to view some art this summer but can’t seem to find anything unique to pique your interest? If that is indeed the case, you’re going to love one of the Orange county events taking place from July to September. This particular event is called the Pageant of the Masters. For 85 years now, this event literally brings art to life, with real people imitating the art in question to give a new perspective. This is accomplished with unique stage settings, props, and clothed or painted people that do their utmost to relive what was created in years past.

How It Works

Every night for which this art festival will occur, the attendees will be treated by the sight art coming to life for ninety minutes to see their favorite art being recreated. On top of seeing the living pictures, those that will attend will also have nice background music to set the scene for the art. There will also be some narration to explain the importance and significance of the piece itself. 

Examples of What Can Be Seen

You’re almost definitely not going to be lacking in the variety of art you can see at this festival. You can see art featuring president Lincoln in Standing Lincoln or Lincoln Memorial or even see art featured by even older historical figures such as Death of Cleopatra. You can see favorites that people can identify at a glance, like the Declaration of Independence or Vaquero. All in all, you will get your fill with the sheer volume of art that will be shown.


So what is the best course of action to make the experience better for you? The event organizers recommend binoculars as you might find yourself seated far away from the performance. That is how popular the showing can be. Bring a jacket, blanket, and seat cushion to help make your seat more comfortable and to protect you from the elements since the festival mainly occurs in the evening. If possible, make minimum noise to avoid interrupting the flow of the music or the narrator. Making recordings or taking pictures of the show is also a big no-no.


If you’re up to seeing art being turned into an unforgettable spectacle, then you will love this event. You will see art being given a new dimension and a breath of fresh air. Orange County events like this will fill your load of free time with the ending of covid restrictions and will quench your hunger for entertainment.

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