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Top Cafes In Laguna Beach You Must Visit



Top Cafes In Laguna Beach You Must Visit

The beloved treasure that most of us cannot live without! 

A cup of coffee is a fundamental part of our daily lives. It dates back to thousands of years and it is a routine that most people love, and like myself, cannot start their day without.

Coffee is a daily necessity at home. In the office, it serves as a morning mood booster and a mid-afternoon energizer. Every time we have a downtime, we need a place to grab a cup of coffee to recharge ourselves. 

When traveling to OC to attend Orange County events, I often find myself searching for the nearest aesthetic coffee spot on Google Maps. So here is the much-needed cafe roundup that will help you find the top coffee spots in town. 

BLK dot coffee

If you plan to visit North Laguna, BLK Dot is the place to go! This modern-styled and industrial cafe is worth visiting for some premium beverages.  

The spot is known for its signature drink “VTM” coffee, the slow-driving Vietnamese craft coffee, but you will also love what they call “specialties on the rocks.”

BLK dot coffee’s Salted Cold Foam Iced Coffee is a perfect blend of sweet and salty foam. The super-smooth brew is sweetened with a touch of caramel and is topped with salted cream cold foam. If you are hungry, the BLK Dot serves breakfast and lunch all day, too.

Zinc café & Market

Zincafe is like fresh air, full of the relaxed atmosphere and influence of Southern California. 

Whether you want to relax and chat with friends or want to read a great book or meet up with someone special, you will fall in love with Zinc cafe for its atmosphere, cuisine, and coffee. The friendly staff and environment will make your trip memorable. Order your coffee at the counter, and find a seat in the outdoor garden patio. 

The coffee is made by Intelligentsia, a company that deals directly with growers. Their Lavender Latte, especially the singer of Laguna Beach, is made from organically-grown and locally-made lavender syrup. 

Need more substantive things? You can’t miss any of their fresh food choices.

The signature item at Zinc cafe is a Healthy Bowl blended with seasoned quinoa (soy sauce, cashew, mushrooms), corn, sweet potatoes, arugula, cucumber, harissa, lemon, and olive oil.

Koffee Klatch 

Koffee Klatch reflects a true vibrant art scene. It is a hidden gem of Laguna Beach, which is designed to be eclectic and quirky. 

You will find bright paintings and art on the wall that reflects the real potential of the craftsman. Unique furniture items do not necessarily match, but together they create a cozy space to make you feel at home.  

Do not forget to try out Maya Mocha with spices, grated chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and almonds. They also have good pastries, such as the Pecan Bar which is formed using butter, sugar, flour, and salt and topped with a mixture of butter, dark syrup, brown sugar, and pecans.

Urth Caffé

Jilia and Shallom Berkman have become trailblazers in serving heirloom coffee in several locations in Southern California. 

This coffee is roasted in small batches to provide delicious, complex, and bold cups of joe. It is not just your favorite coffee spot, but there are endless options of tea at the Urth Caffe. 

Urth’s food and beverage menus are plentiful, and it looks like an organic, healthy and sustainable chain Cheesecake Factory

You will love the diversity and reliability here, and you will keep coming back here aboard one of the used cars in Orange County, to try new items every time you visit this place. Urth Cafe has organic products that are properly sourced with great care. 

Laguna Coffee Company

The classical cafe vibes at the Laguna Coffee Company is perfect to work comfortably or if you have an important business meeting.

One thing that sets this place apart from all its competitors is its ability to micro roast coffee right on site. 

Owners of the Laguna Coffee Company have planned and curated a quality coffee experience which you can smell as soon as you walk into the cafe. 

In addition to a variety of bean selections from Honduras to Laguna Blend, they also have specialty drinks like gold latte. The name comes from its golden and characteristic ingredients: turmeric. 

The added health benefits provide a good excuse for ordering the cups you know you always wanted.

Nick Laguna Beach

Lastly, the final item of our roundup is the classic Espresso Martini from Nick’s Laguna. 

When your day is over, you don’t have to order the bold taste of coffee, but this martini is the ideal pre or post-dinner drink you have never seen before. 

With a bold and bitter java flavor, balanced with a creamy texture, homemade whipped cream that balances the cream, Nick’s version is spirited-forward. It serves as a drink as well as dessert, which makes it a perfect nightcap every time. 

I know you must have a list of Orange County events to attend to, but do you the list of must-visit coffee shops as well? Try one of the cafés on our suggestions and share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

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