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Healthy Spots in Orange County



Healthy Spots in Orange County

This Yogi Keeps Her Body Strong and Her Lunchtimes Flexible

When it comes to a perfect place for lunch, Los Angeles is teeming with choices. It feels like a new restaurant opens every week, and each restaurant offers more delicious food than before.

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up. Then why are you taking risks outside the county to attend the feast of Sunday noon? Because, friends, Orange County knows how to make your lunchtime fun!

Gettin’ Haute in Here Healthy Lifestyle Orange County: Haute cake coffee

Hidden in a rather inconspicuous shopping mall, you will find a sweet little garden dining area and an inevitable line that will drain the cafe door.

When I was teaching at Ra Yoga Newport, I liked to go to Haute Cakes Caffe. My friends and I like their gluten-free, blueberry pancakes and their all-American battle.

Every weekend, Orange County residents flock to Haute Cakes, queuing for baked goods, egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and the undisputed delicious pancakes.

Tea time healthy lifestyle in Orange County: Milk and honey

Milk & Honey is a café located in the downtown area of ​​Huntington Beach. They offer a variety of menus including organic coffee bars, tea latte, shake tea, lemonade, fruit smoothies, mixed drinks, shaved ice, and other specialties.

Just a few blocks from the beach, this quaint café is a warm and inviting place to enjoy a refreshment.

I go for a coffee or tea with my friends, milk, and honey is my jam. Warm customer service and unique aesthetics make it an ideal place for midday snacks. You have to try their açai bowl – it’s so refreshing and visiting this place is one of the must-to do things in Orange County.

Sweet, Sweet Nekter Healthy Lifestyle Orange County: Nekter Juice Bar

I like to start my day with Nekter’s Green Apple Detox juice, but their vegetarian ice cream is the best choice for my sweets.

At Nékter Juice Bar, they think that the taste of healthy food should be good and should feel good. A healthy and balanced lifestyle should be affordable and acceptable to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Their handcrafted juices, smoothies and acai bowls are all-natural, clean, and always full of nutrient-rich ingredients. For a healthy journey, try one of their cold-pressed juices or enjoy a 6-day holiday challenge with Nekter Cleanse.

Thanksgiving to a healthy lifestyle Orange County: Cafe Gratitude

Whether it’s a work meeting or a lunch with friends, Cafe Gratitude is the place to be. This is a plant-based cafe, so some menus may not sound familiar, but they will amaze you!

Café Gratitude is an expression of an ample world. Their food and people celebrate their vitality. They choose the best ingredients to commemorate the Earth and themselves because we are all interconnected.

This Café is grateful for supporting local farmers, sustainable and regenerative agriculture and environmentally-friendly products. They say their food is prepared with love only!

They invite you to walk in and: love your life, worship yourself, accept the world, be generous and grateful every day, and experience new things, which makes going to this place one of the best must- to do things in Orange County.

Have fun and enjoy the nourishment at Café Gratitude!

Hu Hu Lei! Ra Yoga

If you are looking for a real community and a wonderful workout, Ra Yoga is your best choice! In the past five years, this is my home away from home. I like it very much!

They offer free yoga for a week for all new Orange County customers. This is open to beginners, seniors, and professional yogis. Their popular courses are heated with world-class hypoallergenic radiant heating plates to provide a low carbon footprint.

Ra believes it is important to be aware of the many benefits of yoga. Deep breathing keeps your mind clear, cleans your lungs, increases blood circulation, and injects oxygen into your entire system. It is also important to note that stretching increases flexibility, which prevents injuries. Don’t forget its positive impact on a person’s mental health and relaxation.

Go to the market: Seed market

Seed Peoples Market has everything from stationery to camping supplies, and most of the products in the store are sustainable, local, or environmentally-friendly.

I like to browse solo in this store, find inspiration,  and let the ideas flow in.

Back to blk: BLKdot Coffee

Unlike ordinary coffee shops, BLKdot Coffee offers a different experience than many mainstream restaurants.

Since opening its first store in 2015, BLKdot Coffee has been followed by its iconic VTM coffee, a slow-driving Vietnamese craft coffee, often referred to as the “crack in the cup.”

Also, BLKdot Coffee offers a full range of barista services, including classic chilled and mixed espresso drinks as well as specialty coffees and teas such as sea salt coffee and Thai tea latte.

The staff at BLKdot Coffee knows my favorite coffee and treats me like a queen, another reason for going back to this cafe often!

Have you ever visited OC with your best friend? What are the things to do that you enjoy doing? Let us know in the comments below. 

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