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Things to do in Orange County For Father’s Day- Have a Dad-Themed Movie Night



Things to do in Orange County For Father’s Day- Have a Dad-Themed Movie Night

With Father’s Day coming up, there are plenty of things to do in Orange County you can attend to celebrate dad. But, if you’re looking for a more relaxing and quiet night in, then a movie night may be just the solution you need.

From Despicable Me to Daddy’s Home, here are the top 5 best family-friendly movies you can watch with dad for the perfect Father’s Day-themed watch party:

1) Despicable Me (2010)

With its endearing animations and storyline, Despicable Me has quickly turned into a favorite among families. This movie follows Gru, a notorious villain, as he decides to steal the moon. Armed with a genius master plan, tons of disastrously evil weapons, and an army of loyal yet hilarious yellow minions, nothing should be able to stand in Gru’s way. However, his plan turns upside down when he has to care for three young orphan girls who set their sights on making Gru their father. Eventually, their love begins to show Gru that maybe there’s more to life than being evil.

2) Big Daddy (1999)

Who doesn’t love a classic Adam Sandler movie? After being dumped by his girlfriend for not having his life together, immature Sonny Koufax decides it’s time for some serious life changes. Later, when 5-year-old Julian shows up on Sonny’s doorstep looking for his biological father, Sonny decides taking care of him is the perfect plan to win back his ex and show her just how responsible he really is. However, reality soon hits Sonny when it turns out his ex isn’t interested and is already dating a new (and older) man. Faced with the responsibility of fathering a child, Sonny begins to learn that being an adult isn’t as bad as it seems.

3) Daddy’s Home (2015)

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are funnier than ever in this movie about a step and biological father competing for their children’s attention. It begins with well-mannered and kind-hearted Brad who’s trying to be the best father he can to his two young stepkids. However, just as he’s beginning to develop a true father-child relationship with them, their biological father Dusty decides to step into the picture and win his family back. Overwhelmed by rivalry, the two begin an aggressive (and hilarious) competition fueled by over-the-top gifts to be crowned the best dad ever. It isn’t until they take their feud a little too far that they realize they could both learn a thing or two from one another about being a dad. 

4) Grown Ups (2010)

With big comedy legends like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Maya Rudolf starring in this movie, you know you’re in for a hilarious treat. When 5 old friends learn that their former coach has passed away, they decide to reunite and go on a family vacation along with their wives and children to celebrate their coach. Caught up in the nostalgia, these friends are able to experience the vacation of a lifetime by getting to relive old memories, bond with their children, and put a pause on their normally hectic lives back home. However, things get a little tense when it turns out none of their lives are as perfect as they seem. It’s the ultimate movie about friendship, fatherhood, and what it takes to be happy. 

5) Finding Nemo (2003) 

Who said you have to be a human to be a good dad? The star of this classic Disney movie, Marlin the fish, has surely gone down in history as one of the most dedicated dads ever. When his son Nemo is suddenly caught by a diver and taken to shore, Marlin knows he must step out of his comfort zone in order to save his son. Embarking on a dangerous and long journey, Marlin and his new friend Dory must overcome predators, naval mines, and more to find Nemo. However, hope isn’t totally lost as dozens of other helpful sea creatures help Marlin along the way and spread the word across the Great Barrier Reef about a brave father on a rescue mission. Overall, this heartwarming story about learning to trust, what it means to be family, and the power of resilience is the perfect watch for the whole family.

Father’s Day is officially around the corner. While there are plenty of fun things to do in Orange County for this wonderful holiday, why not just stay home and have a relaxing night as a family? Just pick your favorite movie from this list, order in some delicious take-out, and you’re all set for an amazing night dedicated to dad!

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