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Creative and Quality Quarantine Family Time During the COVID-19 Outbreak



Creative and Quality Quarantine Family Time During the COVID-19 Outbreak

While countries are on lockdown, schools are closing; supermarkets are running out of toilet paper, and you’ve been inside for days amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be getting a little stir-crazy or at the very least, feeling bored. Try one of these things to do and activities to keep boredom while encouraging education, family, and fun here in Orange County.

Get outside and play! 

While the days get longer, more and more families are venturing outdoors to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the spring weather. Join your children outside for a game. Hide and seek or kick the can.

Take your dog for a walk

It is the best means to keep them engaged and exercised. It is an excellent exercise in socialization while they get to know all the sights and sounds of their neighborhood.

Start planning your summer garden! 

What can you plant? You need to know what veggies are going to grow in your climate during the summer. Planning is excellent, but more than anything, you need to get out there and PLANT!

Can’t get to the gym? 

Whether you’re self-quarantining, your gym has canceled all things to do in Orange County as a social distancing measure, or you want to be cautious, it’s nice to have options for working out. Try the online workout or virtual yoga instruction or put an instructor in your ear or on your phone or tablet screen. Also, don’t forget those weights at the gym that are handy your at-home options include: Bodyweight exercises, Suspension trainers (like TRX), Resistance bands and Good old dumbbells and kettlebells. Get the family together to make up your workout or dance routines. 

Hand a task to everyone and get a jump on cleaning!

Medical practitioners suggested to take your shoes off before you enter the house, especially for children who like to jump on beds. Wipe down items brought into the homes like takeaway containers which should be wiped down with detergent or soapy water, and fresh produce should be washed.

Wish you were at the spa? 

Take a bubble bath and follow it up with a home manicure or pedicure. How about relaxing in the bath or a face mask is hiding in your bathroom cupboard. Afterward, snuggle into your bathrobe and put your feet up.

Family game night 

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite family traditions. Hold a Monopoly tournament or take that puzzle off the shelf. Family game night builds memories; it is so lovely to have tech-free, face to face time with your kids. Games for younger children include Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, or Follow the Leader. Older children can play “I Spy,” charades, indoor bowling, or make up new games. 

Try a new recipe or make dinner as a family

Find recipes and tips on how to cook safely with kids. Make a Family theme dinner. Now is a great time to buy something new and different that you might otherwise overlook. Make something delicious and surprise your family!

During this pandemic, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly. Make it a habit to thoroughly wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. The Coronavirus is something to stay informed about, so make sure you are getting accurate information from trusted sources. 

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